The sustainable Leader Professional

Welcome to the Sustainable Leader Professional, a transformative journey designed to shape your future of leadership in a rapidly changing world. In an era marked by environmental challenges, social complexities, and economic shifts, the need for sustainable leadership has never been more critical. Your journey will explore strategies, foster collaboration, and inspire a deep understanding of sustainability's pivotal role in shaping thriving organizations and communities.

Online Course Format & Group Coaching


08 Jan


16 Weeks, 160 Hours


7 Modules, 73 Chapters, 8 Virtual Meeting


€ 1.250 EUR

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  • Guided approach of our popular Sustainable Leader program
  • Effective group coaching
  • Online course format
  • 7 modules, 73 chapters and 8 virtual meetings

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Inner Development Goals

Bring the power of inner development to all global challenges faced by humanity.

Course Content

Module 1:
Sustainability and You

This module will take you on a journey probing the relationship between you and sustainability. It delves deep into the facets of personal values, behaviors, and beliefs that shape our approach to sustainability, fostering self-awareness and fostering a more conscious and responsible global community.  
In the Modules that follow, we will unravel the layers of sustainability, helping you uncover your role as a leader and preserving our planet for future generations.  

Module 2:
From Enneagram to Inner Development Goals

To take effective steps within the Sustainable Development Goals, we will first have to look at ourselves.The Inner Development Goals provide stimulus, direction and guidance in this regard. Having and keeping an eye on inner work as an engine of change towards a better, more sustainable world is complex work, so some guidance can do no harm. With the IDG's and enneagram as guideline, we will:Focus on the assumptions and beliefs that hold back our behavior change.

Module 3:
Immunity to Change and Assumptions

Everyone has heard about assumptions, but do you also have an idea how big the role of your assumptions is on your behavior? We'll reveal a little bit………. It's a surprising amount. With the vhelp of the Immunity to change concepte we'll explore how assumptions drive your behavior. 

Module 4:
IDG Being and Acting

Being and acting are crucial aspects of sustainability and leadership. Being entails embodying sustainable values, ethics, and a deep understanding of environmental and social issues. As a leader you must also be able to put your values and ideas into action especially if you want to serve as role model for your teams and organizations.  

Module 5:
IDG Thinking and Acting

Developing our cognitive skills by taking different perspectives, evaluating information and making sense of the world as an interconnected whole is essential for wise decision-making.

Module 6:
IDG Collaborating and Connecting

To make progress on shared concerns, we need to develop our abilities to include, hold space and communicate with stakeholders with different values, skills and competencies.

Module 7:
Sustainability Goal and Ambition Statement

This module brings together every insight that you have gained in the last months. We will bring together your goals, your ambition, your values, your qualities and dark sides in one document.

Meet the instructor

Eelco Bolk

Trainer, facilitator & coach
With 25 years of experience in education, training and coaching, Eelco has built up expertise in designing and executing personal transformation & leadership programs. Bringing his inner peace, honesty and sincere approach everywhere he goes, his personal story of resilience and adaptability is intertwined with his variety of professional skills in coaching, leadership development, team building, facilitation and life skills.
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