We’re on a mission to empower leaders putting sustainable transitions into effect!

We’re best known for our effective culture change. Leaders also love our unique design process that involves sustainable leadership skills and experiential learning elements accelerating the transition.

 Meet the Team

Aart van der Horst

Trainer, facilitator, coach, program development

Maria Grazia Testa

Strategical expert, board room speaker and challenger

Eelco Bolk

Coach, facilitator, program development, online learning

Niels Leenders

Facilitator, coach, outdoor guide, program development

Dagmar Heemskerk

Facilitator, trainer, program development, advocacy

Eddie van der Wereld

Trainer, executive coach, leadership development

Diane Bos

Systemic coach, growth and connection proces facilitator

Toine Doreleijers

Team- and personal coach, inspirator, facilitator

What we care about makes us who we are


We believe integrity forms the cornerstone of every interaction. It is the unwavering commitment to honesty, ethics, and moral principles

Great Experiences

Commited to meaningful learning experiences blending content with interaction, fostering curiosity, and enabling reflection.


Transparency is our cornerstone of trust and accountability. It fosters understanding, encourages honesty, and cultivates integrity.


Believing in the inherent potential for growth within each individual is fundamental. Regardless of challenges, background or circumstance.

About us

At 360° Horizons we share the passion to help people grow and leave a liveable world for our children. We worked with a diversity of people and organisations and are able to provide the nuances that each level of the organisation requires.

360° Horizons facilitators have extensive international training experience and speak several languages. We embrace diversity and are sensitive to cultural differences. Every day again.

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10 Accelerators for Corporate Sustainability Change
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