The Sustainable Leader Executive

In today's rapidly changing global landscape, sustainability has emerged as a critical imperative for organizations across industries. Environmental, Social, and Governance challenges require leaders who can navigate the complex intersection of business and sustainability. This Executive Course on Sustainability Leadership is designed to equip senior executives and business leaders with understanding about themselves, practical knowledge and tools to lead their organizations toward a more sustainable future.

Online Course Format & 1:1 Coaching


You Decide


12 Weeks, 160 Hours


7 Modules, 73 Chapters, 8 Coachings


€ 3.500

Why should I take this course?

  • Executive approach of our popular Sustainable Leader program
  • Very effective 1:1 coaching
  • Online course format
  • 7 modules, 73 chapters and 8 coaching moments

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Inner Development Goals

Bring the power of inner development to all global challenges faced by humanity.

Meet the instructor

Eelco Bolk

Trainer, facilitator & coach
With 25 years of experience in education, training and coaching, Eelco has built up expertise in designing and executing personal transformation & leadership programs. Bringing his inner peace, honesty and sincere approach everywhere he goes, his personal story of resilience and adaptability is intertwined with his variety of professional skills in coaching, leadership development, team building, facilitation and life skills.
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