Corporate Sustainability
that makes you proud.

We support CSOs in their mission by making sustainability a successful business case. 

Board Acceptance

Motivated Leaders

Employee Engagement

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CSO’s face serious obstacles

  • Integration of sustainability into business strategy
  • Resistance to change, talent attraction and retention
  • Short-term focus vs. long-term vision
  • Ineffective stakeholder engagement

Experience our quick and enjoyable design process

Easy Access

Available and ready, hands on personal guidance, no strings attached.

Smart Minds & Methods

Receive ESG readiness, value proposition, competitive analysis, strategic.

Personal Guidance

Providing tailored support, addressing individual needs effectively and enhancing motivation.

Our team successfully created corporate change within valuable listed companies

"The 360° Horizons approach to full body learning is so effective and have touched me and many of my participants’ lives in a meaningful way. Their patience and caring nature makes them a dream to work with and allows for great results."

- Jennifer Allen

"360° Horizons have an uncanny ability of translating content into experiences and by that accelerate learning. It is always a pleasure working with such a professional crew."

- Michael Bunting

"360° Horizons offers profound guidance and help in making our team perform on a higher and more connected level. They make us aware of our shadow sides and how to bring out the best of ourselves as leaders in an uncertain world."

- Anja Dobrosavljevic

Services & Outcomes

Foundational Assessment

Competitive analysis and advantage, ESG readiness, sustainability culture check-up, starting points.

Executive Strategy Workshops

Immersive experiences designed to inspire your organization towards Integration of Sustainability into the Business Strategy.

Strategy Implementation

Developing and executing a coherent plan of action. Fostering a culture of collaboration for sustainable outcomes.

How it Works


Give us your problem

Use our supportive preparation call to grant us your problem and receive a free initial scan of your sustainability culture.

Watch as we spark your strategy

We point out your quick wins, provide long term advice and reshape the pillars of your compelling business case.

Fuel your business case

We help make your business case come alive, engage in advocacy, build capacity, implement strategy and design custom sustainable leadership training.

Why us?

We comprehend the challenges associated with revitalizing your organization, drawing on over two decades of experience navigating the dynamic landscape within multinational boardrooms. For more than 20 years, we've been intimately familiar with the influential force field shaping the decision-making process in these boardrooms, steering them away from short-term priorities towards a more sustainable and forward-thinking approach.
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10 Accelerators for Corporate Sustainability Change
Thank you for downloading! By prioritizing these accelerators and integrating them into your organisations corporate practices, you can effectively drive a sustainable culture change and contribute to positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes ✨
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